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Learn how to play Altissimo Glissando on Saxophone. Online tutorial.

Altissimo Glissando on Saxophone

In this guide you'll learn how to use the Altissimo Glissando on Saxophone, which is a popular effect that adds another layer of intensity to your sax solo. Fair warning, this can be addictive. Once you learn the Altissimo Glissando effect on your saxophone you will most likely overuse it in the beginning and I … Read more
Zoom Saxophone Lessons - Guide for sax teachers and saxophone students

Zoom Saxophone Lessons

If you are a saxophone teacher looking to start giving Zoom Saxophone Lessons this guide provides all you need about the settings inside Zoom, so that you get the best possible sound over Zoom. Now, if you are a saxophone student getting ready to take sax lessons over Zoom this guide is helpful for you … Read more
Saxophone Lessons for Adults

Saxophone Lessons For Adults

If you are searching for Saxophone Lessons for Adults you've probably noticed that most sax lessons online are tailored towards children. That can be really boring as an adult having to walk through a children book for saxophone. There's clearly a mismatch an can make it boring for you as an adult. That's why I … Read more
Instantly improve and get a better saxophone sound with these 3 simple steps.

3 steps to a better saxophone sound

Use these 3 steps to get a better saxophone sound instantly. These are the 3 core fundamentals that every saxophone beginner need to focus on in order to go from a beginner sound to a pro sound. Are you just getting started playing the saxophone these three steps will make a huge impact on your … Read more
Alto saxophone warm up exercises guide for beginners

Alto Saxophone Warm Up Exercises: Essential Techniques for Success

As an alto saxophone player, warming up is a crucial part of your practice routine. Warming up helps to improve your tone, maintain proper technique, and prevent injury during practice or performance. There are several exercises that you can include in your warm-up routine, which will help you develop these crucial skills. Long tones, scale … Read more

Tonguing on Saxophone: Techniques and Tips for Smooth Articulation

Learning how to tongue correctly on the saxophone is an essential skill for any saxophonist. Tonguing is the technique used to articulate notes and create a clean, crisp sound. Without proper tonguing technique, notes can sound sloppy and unclear, making it difficult to play with precision and accuracy. There are many different approaches to tonguing … Read more

Saxophone Lessons Online

There are several ways to find good saxophone lessons online in . You can either go down the route of buying an online course for saxophone beginners or look up a good saxophone teacher online for face to face lessons. If you have a busy schedule you may want to go for the online course … Read more
Easy saxophone songs for beginners

4 Easy Saxophone Songs for beginners

When you learn to play saxophone as a beginner there are some fundamentals you need to focus on at first. I'm talking about how to finger the notes on your saxophone, using a correct and stable embouchure as well as playing with good air support. Those skills needs to be practiced over time and it … Read more