Easy saxophone songs for beginners

4 Easy Saxophone Songs for beginners

Written by Greger Hillman, Saxophone teacher and music educator

When you learn to play saxophone as a beginner there are some fundamentals you need to focus on at first. I'm talking about how to finger the notes on your saxophone, using a correct and stable embouchure as well as playing with good air support.

Those skills needs to be practiced over time and it takes weeks, months and years of practice to develop your saxophone skills. I've been playing the sax for over 35 years and I can tell you that you are never “done” or finished.

But that is also what I like about music and playing the saxophone. You can always improve and become a better sax player.

So, as long as you are starting to be comfortable with the fundamentals I mentioned you can move forward and learn these 17 easy Saxophone Songs for beginners.

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1. “Careless Whisper” on Saxophone

This is an iconic tune and the saxophone intro is one that's being recognized all over the world. If you want to impress your friends this song is a must to learn.

2. “If I aint Got You” on Saxophone

The tune “If I aint Got You” by American superstar Alicia Keys was released back in 2003 and is one of her greatest hits. This song is suitable for saxophone as it moves you through 2 octaves when playing the melody on your saxophone.

3. “Oh When the Saints” on Saxophone

Learning to play “Oh When the Saints” on Saxophone will make you more comfortable moving between the lower and higher octaves on your saxophone. I recommend you play the tune in G Major on your Saxophone as that will help you practice the jumps between middle C and middle D, which include using the octave key.

That's Bb Concert Key for Alto Saxophone and F Concert Key for Tenor Saxophone.

4. “Summertime” on Saxophone

The 1934 classic Summertime by George Gerswin is a great beginner tune for saxophone as the melody is simple, yet it gives you an opportunity to practice bending notes on your saxophone.

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Saxophone teacher online Greger Hillman

Written by Greger Hillman

Greger Hillman is a saxophone teacher with +36 years of experience playing saxophone. 

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