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Welcome to our website about learning how to play the Saxophone. As you can see the website is not quite finished yet. However, if you would like to get notified when we release our new website do signup to our newsletter below. It’s totally free. / The Saxophone team


Beginner Saxophone

Are you a beginner sax player you need to get your foundation in place, so that you can learn saxophone at a good pace. Here you’ll find more on how to play the saxophone. 


Fingering Charts

If you want to learn how to finger the notes on Saxophone then this guide is exactly what you need to get started playing the sax. Step-by-step instructions by a real saxophone teacher. It doesn’t get much better than that 😉


Saxophone transposition

Do you want to play together with a piano, a guitar or maybe another wind instrument? Then you need to know how to transpose the saxophone notes in order to match the key with the other players. 

The Saxophone Gear Guide

What you actually need in order to start playing the Saxophone today!