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Best Saxpophone Apps - Top 10 choices for Saxophone players. Top picks by saxophone teacher Greger Hillman

Best Saxophone Apps: Top 12 Picks for Sax players

Benefit of Using Saxophone Apps I've been using Saxophone Apps for years as part of my everyday practice routine as well as for tuning my saxophone. There are some great options out there and I've put together a list of my top picks for , so that you can check them out too. The benefit … Read more
How to transpose Saxophone - Complete guide for beginners

How to Transpose Saxophone

Transposing saxophone is a useful skill to know about. Especially when you want to play along with other instruments like a piano or guitar. This is also one of the frequently asked sax questions I get from my students so I've put together a guide to transposing saxophone explaining the whole process. First step is … Read more
What is the weight of a saxophone. Explained by saxophone teacher showing personal comparisons.

What is the weight of a saxophone?

The weight of a saxophone varies depending on the type of sax, the brand and materials the manufacturer use to make the saxophone and during what period in time it was made. As it also relates to the choice of materials. The average weights for the most common types of saxophones: This gives you a … Read more
Saxophone Tuner online - how to tune your saxophone - the complete guide

Saxophone Tuner Online

Using a Saxophone Tuner helps you tune up your sax so that you are in tune with other instruments and musicians. Here's a simple tuner that works great for saxophone. Click “standard” and play a note: There are some benefits of having a physical tuner in your saxophone case so If that is something you … Read more
How to break in a new reed on saxophone. Guide to preparing sax reeds for beginners

How to break in a saxophone reed

When you buy a new pack of saxophone reeds you will find that the reeds need some preparation in order to play well with your sax. This is especially common with cane reeds as they are made of cane, a living material that change in relation to it's environment. It can be especially challenging to … Read more
When to repad a saxophone for beginners

When to Repad a Saxophone and Replace the Pads

Saxophone pads play a crucial role in the sound quality and playability of your instrument. Over time, they may wear down, affecting the overall performance of your saxophone. Knowing when to replace these pads is essential to ensure that your instrument remains in top shape and continues to produce impressive tunes. Just like any other … Read more
Clean a saxophone neckstrap the easy way. Simple guide

How to Clean a Saxophone Neck Strap

A saxophone neck strap is an essential accessory that helps distribute the weight of the instrument while playing. Over time, neck straps can accumulate sweat and dirt which may cause some discomfort. But there's a really easy fix for it which I'll cover here below. You will need access to water and soap in order … Read more
Do saxophones have Spit Valves? Sax Teacher explains how it works

Do Saxophones Have Spit Valves?

The Saxophone is sometimes referred to as a brass instrument. That is wrong, even if the instrument indeed is made out of brass material. The Saxophone is part of the Woodwind family among instruments like the flute and the clarinet. However, the burning question here is: Do Saxophone Have Spit Valves? The answer is No, … Read more
Fix spitty sound on saxophone - easy step-by-step guide

Fixing a Spitty Saxophone Sound the easy way

If you're a saxophone player, you've probably experienced the frustrating sound of a spitty saxophone. That unpleasant, wet sound can be caused by a variety of factors, including the positioning and texture of the reed, moisture buildup near the mouthpiece or neck, and even dehydration on the player's end. Fortunately, there are some simple steps … Read more
How to play a saxophone mouthpiece. Step by step guide for beginners

How to Play a Saxophone Mouthpiece: Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Learning how to play a saxophone mouthpiece is a crucial step for every saxophonist. The mouthpiece is the one thing connecting the player and the instrument. You need to learn how to use it correctly, so that you can produce a good sax tone, intonation, and overall sound of the saxophone. Without proper mouthpiece technique, … Read more
How to fix a squeaking saxophone the easy way guide

How to fix a squeaking Saxophone

As a saxophone player you will run into the issues with a squeaking saxophone sooner or later. Over my 35 years of playing and teaching saxophone I've seen and heard it all when it comes to squeaking saxophones. So, in this article I share my best tips for preventing and stopping squeaks on the sax. … Read more
How long does a saxophone reed last - FAQ saxophone questions

How long does a saxophone reed last?

The saxophone reed normally last for about a week but depending on the reed material it can last for months. Regular cane reeds get worn out a lot faster than a plastic reed. However, the lifespan of any reed also has to do with how you break in the reed and how careful you are … Read more

How to find a good Saxophone Teacher

Great to see that you want to learn Saxophone! You may be a saxophone beginner or maybe you've played saxophone for a few years and want to get back into it. Either way, finding a good saxophone teacher that match your needs can seem hard, but there are some good ways to go about it. … Read more
How to clean a saxophone step-by-step. Complete guide for deep cleaning the saxophone

How to Clean a Saxophone

Taking good care of your saxophone is fundamental to keep your sax in good playing condition. However, there's also a health aspect to this as you want to keep it clean from a more sanitary perspective too. I've probably cleaned my own saxophones over 10 000 times over the past 35 years of being a … Read more
Is Saxophone hard to learn - The beginners guide to how easy saxophone is to play

Is Saxophone Hard to Learn?

I've taught several hundred saxophonists how to play the saxophone as a saxophone teacher and if you are thinking about picking up the sax yourself you may be wondering “Is saxophone hard to learn?” Well, I've got some great news for you. The saxophone is easy to learn. However, it does come with a few … Read more
Teach yourself Saxophone. This is how you learn saxophone on your own.

Teach yourself Saxophone – Yes, you can!

You can definitely learn saxophone on your own. The tricky part is usually to learn the fundamentals correctly and that's why I put together this article, so that you will be able to teach yourself saxophone on your own. I've been a saxophone teacher for over 20 years now and the saxophone is truly an … Read more
Is playing the sax good for your lungs or not?

Is playing the sax good for your lungs?

I've been a saxophone player for more than 35 yrs and have practiced and played the sax hundreds upon hundreds of hours. From my personal experience it's good for your lungs to play saxophone. And not only for your lungs but for your entire body. Playing Saxophone will help you develop more control over your … Read more
How to fix sticky keys on Saxophone - a step by step guide and video.

How To Fix Sticky Keys on Saxophone

A common saxophone problem with an easy fix