Saxophone Scales

Learn the fundametals to Music Theory and become a better sax player

Major Scales

Learning Major Scales on Saxophone is an important part of the fundamental skills you need to be able. toplay the saxophone really well. Here you find everything you need to get started practicing the Major Scales in  all 12 keys.

G Major Scale on Saxophone lesson. Step by step guide by Saxophone teacher

Beginner Sax player? I recommend that you start learning the G Major Scale as it's in the middle range of the saxophone.

Want to expand the Major Scale? Try the Major Scale Triads exercises for Saxophone.

Dorian Scales

The Dorian Scales on Saxophone builds of the Major Scale. It's the second mode on Saxophone also referred to as Dorian Mode. Studying how to play Dorian on saxophone will make you a better sax player as you develop a better understanding of Music Theory.

Dorian Scales on Saxophone. explained. The complete guide to playing dorian mode on saxophone.

Ready to expand the Dorian Scale? Try the Dorian Triads exercises for Saxophone.