About LearnSaxophone.com

The concept for Learn Saxophone, a website for saxophone beginners, was born about 10 years ago. The idea i simple. Anyone can learn how to play saxophone with the right instructions.

With the Learn Saxophone website I want to provide a really good resource for saxophone beginners. When you get started there are many questions that needs to be answered, like:

… and the list goes on and on. The initial goal with this website is to help 1000 saxophone beginners become better sax players over the next 12 months, so that they can play their favorite tunes on their saxophone.

Maybe you are one of those sax beginners?

Meet the founder

Hi there. I'm Greger Hillman, your friendly saxophone teacher online.

This website is a true passion project for me and my goal is to provide a great resource for saxophone beginners, so that you can learn how to play saxophone in a fun and inspiring way too.

My saxophone journey started well over 35 years ago when I began taking saxophone lessons at the music school in my hometown in Sweden. That was the starting point of an everlasting love for music and particular playing the saxophone.

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Saxophone Teacher Greger Hillman | learnsaxophone.com