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Written by Greger Hillman, Saxophone teacher and music educator

There are several ways to find good saxophone lessons online in 2023. You can either go down the route of buying an online course for saxophone or look up a good saxophone teacher online for face to face lessons.

If you have a busy schedule you may want to go for the online course where you can practice and take your sax lessons whenever it works well with your other plans. However, if you are able to schedule a set time for taking sax lessons with a saxophone teacher live it can be really beneficial for you.

The main benefit of having a lesson in realtime is that your saxophone teacher can help you make adjustments to your posture, embouchure and fingerings, so that you can make faster progress compared to being on your own.

That being said, there are many examples of self taught saxophone players that have learned to play sax simple through online courses too.

If you decide to take a saxophone course online, that's pre-recorded, I would suggest that you make sure that the sax course you pick fits your skill level. There are plenty of courses to choose from ranging from beginner, intermediate to advanced so make sure you choose a course within your skill level.

As an example, I help a lot o sax beginners get started playing with my beginner saxophone lesson series. However, if you are a more advanced sax player I would suggest you look at Eric Marienthals online courses. He's both a great player and teacher when you've moved beyond the basics and beginner stages of learning saxophone.

Saxophone teacher online Greger Hillman

Written by Greger Hillman

Greger Hillman is a saxophone teacher with +36 years of experience playing saxophone. 

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Greger Hillman is a saxophone teacher and musician from Sweden.

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