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I got my Bachelors degree as a saxophone teacher at Piteå School of music, LTU (Sweden) in 2005. During that time I also did research on different pedagogies and teaching styles for beginner saxophone comparing the American and Swedish curriculum. This is what I’m passionate about and my expertise as a saxophone teacher.

I’ve always been interested in teaching, pedagogy and how to explain (sometimes) complex topics and methods in an easy and fun way. The experience from teaching and interacting with students can’t really be taught in a book or on paper. You have to gain that experience over time which I find both inspiring and fun.

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During 2020 we all had to do things a bit differently as the world was put on hold. Here’s one of the online sessions I did with my friends online. The track “It’s a lovely day” by Mattias Roos.

Beyond the academic work I’ve been fortunate to travel the world touring as a pro sax player. The saxophone has brought me to USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden among other countries.

Apart from touring I’ve recorded my own smooth jazz album and been featured on other recordings as well. In 2006 the album “I Am Ready” was released and that was my own take on Smooth Jazz. An album that was very well received and earned me airplays all over the world. Today, that’s not such a big deal but back then there was no Spotify or Tidal.

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My teaching career has been ongoing for the past 20+ years and as a saxophone teacher I’ve had the opportunity to teach saxophone to hundreds of students locally and even thousands more online.

I love teaching and there is something special when you see how it suddenly clicks for the student and you see how proud they get as the become better sax players and musicians. It’s a lot of fun!

I began teaching saxophone online back in 2014. This was during a time when I had launched another business, I had just become a father for the second time, I got married, bought a house, taking care of my parents and… well, life happened…

Simply put, I had to prioritize the most important thing in my life – my family. So my online sax school had to be put on the back burner.

Until now.

As the kids are getting older and I’ve built a great online business already together with my wife, I’m finding the urge to build out that dream project of a great online school for saxophone that I had started in 2014.

So, what you see here is the updated 2024 version of that project and I continue to build out what I’m hoping to become a great resource for beginner saxophone players of all ages across the world.

I’m happy to see you here and I hope you will enjoy the content, the lessons and other saxophone related resources I post on the site.

Play On!

P.S Feel free to download the Saxophone fingering chart and checking out the beginner saxophone section to get started.

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