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King Zephyr Saxophone - History and personal experience with King saxophones

King Zephyr Saxophones: 1930s – 1975

I'm the proud owner of a King Zephyr, the 1936 model. It's a “loud” saxophone and plays really well. King Zephyr Saxophones where really popular back in the 1930s and was used by many big band saxophonists. The Zephyr model was launched in 1935 and became an instant favorite among saxophonists and helped fund the … Read more
100 funny Saxophone Jokes

Saxophone Jokes

Everybody loves a good Saxophone Joke am I right? So, I've gone a head and put together a list of 100's Saxophone Jokes that are hitting both high and low in my opinion. Let's start easy… and build from there. 10 Easy Saxophone Jokes 10 Saxophone Puns How many Saxophone Players does it Take… 127 … Read more
Biggest saxophone Contrabass sax

Biggest Saxophone – The Contrabass Saxophone: Meet the Giant Jazz Star

Origins of the Contrabass Saxophone The contrabass saxophone is the biggest saxophone in the world. Quick backstory: The Saxophone was created by Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone family. His original vision for the saxophone family included the contrabass, and it was part of his 1846 patent. However, if we are being honest it's … Read more
Conn Saxophone Serial Number Chart. The complete guide to finding out when your saxophone was made and manufactured.

Conn Saxophone Serial Number Chart

With this Conn Saxophone Serial Number Chart you are able to lookup what year your Saxophone was manufactured. The chart is divided into two parts. The first listing the Serial numbers and years manufactured. The second showing the Serial number Ranges based on Saxophone Model. Conn Serial Number Chart Conn Serial Number Chart ranges based … Read more
Comparing Saxophone to a Flute. Find out the similarities and differences between the flute and saxophone. Both woodwind instruments.

Saxophone vs Flute – What’s the difference and similarity? (Explained)

Saxophone vs Flute – What’s the Difference and Similarity? The saxophone and flute are both prominent members of the woodwind family, each with unique characteristics and similarities that distinguish them from each other. As a musician who has experienced the joy of playing both instruments, I've come to appreciate their distinct qualities and the nuances … Read more
Saxophone vs Trumpet: Guide to differences and similarities

Saxophone vs Trumpet – What’s the difference and similarity? (Explained)

The Saxophone and Trumpet are two very different instruments. While the saxophone is a woodwind instrument with keys and keypads, the trumpet is a brass instrument with just three valves. Still, these two instruments are often combined when writing arrangements as their sounds are complementing each other. For example, I've played in many bands where … Read more
Similar instruments to Saxophone - The complete guide based on my experience

Similar instruments to Saxophone

Instruments are similar to the saxophone? The saxophone has a unique sound that fits well in many genres of music such as pop, rock, jazz and classical music. There are four main saxophones that give the player the ability to transform the sax sound a lot. That being said there are similar instruments to Saxophone … Read more
Guide to the sounds of the saxophone family - with examples

Sounds of the Saxophone Family

The Saxophone family are made up of both high and low pitched saxophones. Here's a walk through that covers the sounds of the Saxophone Family, so that you can listen and hear the difference. The basic takeaway here is that: All saxophones share the same characteristics with the saxophone body, neck, mouthpiece, ligature and reed. … Read more
Saxophone and Clarinet comparison guide. Find out why they are similar but different

Saxophone vs Clarinet – What's the difference and similarity? (Explained)

Saxophone and clarinet, both belonging to the family of woodwind instruments, share certain characteristics while also possessing distinct qualities that set them apart. From a structural standpoint, they both consist of a tube-like shape with keys and finger holes used to produce different pitches. Being a saxophone player and teacher myself, I have also played … Read more
Selmer Saxophone Serial Number Chart. The complete guide to finding out when your saxophone was made and manufactured.

Selmer Saxophone Serial Number Chart

With this Selmer Saxophone Serial Number Chart you are able to lookup when your Selmer sax was manufactured. As you can see below there are several Saxophone models and serial number ranges listed. Each Selmer Saxophone has it's unique sequential number, ensuring no duplication across instruments. This serial number provides a definitive link to the … Read more
King Saxophone Serial Number Chart. The complete guide to finding out when your saxophone was made and manufactured.

King Saxophone Serial Number Chart

With the King Saxophone Serial Number Chart you are able to lookup what year your King Saxophone was manufactured . The founder of King, H.N White, started making the instruments back in 1893. However, it wasn't until 1916 the saxophones got their model names as he started a Limited Company, Ltd Co. In 1965 the … Read more

Conn Alto Saxophone 20M: A Classic Instrument for Jazz Musicians

The Conn Alto Saxophone 20M is a highly sought-after instrument by both professional and amateur saxophonists. The saxophone has been praised for its rich and warm tone, making it a popular choice for jazz, blues, and classical music. The Conn 20M is known for its excellent intonation, ease of playing, and durability, making it a … Read more
Learn the history of the Saxophone. Easy explanation by saxophone teacher.

History of the Saxophone

The saxophone was invented by Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax in the mid-19th century. It's become one of the most popular woodwind instruments in many different genres of music. From jazz to classical and even contemporary pop, the saxophone has a unique sound and versatility that can be molded after the style of music. From … Read more
10 types of saxophones explained. Showing the difference between the saxophones in the saxophone family. Different sax sizes, straight sax, curved sax

10 Types of Saxophones

There are 4 main types of Saxophones. The Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and the Baritone Saxophone. However, the entire saxophone family is made up of a total of 10 different types of saxophones and in this complete guide you will learn about all of them.  So, with that said let's learn more about … Read more