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Musician Spotlight: Dante'

This is the talented Los Angeles saxophonist Dante LaShaun Thomas (Dante'). He released his debut album “Mint” in 2019 and followed up with the single Kansai Groove (2020) and Reach in 2021.

The single Defy (2022) has close to 45 000 plays on Spotify so far, making it a big success and yet another stepping stone for DanteSax.

“I find myself looping Dante's tracks on Spotify and if you are into Smooth Jazz Saxophone like I am, you probably will be doing the same. The original songs are catchy and well produced and I think we are witnessing a star in the making” ~ Greger, founder of learnsaxophone.com

Listening to Dante' you quickly realize that this Berklee College of Music Graduate is a really great saxophone player. Mastering the soprano, alto sax and tenor saxophone. Playing in the pocket with a great Smooth Jazz sound.

Dante' plays “Kim Saxophones” which is a saxophone brand I have yet to try out myself. However, you can tell they are really well crafted and balanced simply by listening to Dante' playing the instrument.

He uses the exclusive handcrafted neckstraps for Saxophone from Dantestraps.com made from lamb and cow leather. They look reeeeally nice!

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