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In 2018, the Banaue Rice Terraces Restoration Project and TOFARM hosted a competition, inviting composers to submit orchestral music influenced by Banaue’s culture, traditions, and landscapes.

Selected composers joined the BANAUE MUSIC COMPOSITION IMMERSION PROGRAM as Composer-Fellows, aiming to create Banaue-inspired symphonic works.

These works had the potential to be performed and included in future projects. Prizes included a 12,000 USD Grand Prize and two 6,000 USD Consolation Prizes, with further details available on the Banaue Music Organization’s official website.

This was hosted through where all the information about the music creators where posted. The work of music creation and music education continues as now is a part of where we teach you how to play the saxophone.

We are excited to invite new readers and saxophone beginners to use our sax lessons, fingering charts and get the answers to their Saxophone FAQs.